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Super Bowl odds heading into Week 9: Bengals Vegas odds falling despite wins

After the Bengals' win over the Steelers, their Vegas odds to win the Super Bowl decreased. Even though it was a slight drop, it is most likely because of other teams' results, rather than the Bengals' results, that caused the odds to shift.

Editor's Note: These odds do not take into account the Bengals' win over the Browns on Thursday night.

This week we look at the biggest changes for the Super Bowl odds and why some of these changes occurred. The Bengals and the Packers both saw their odds to win the Super Bowl slightly decrease after Week 8, but the Bengals were the only team to see that decrease after a victory.

The Broncos and Panthers saw a fairly marginal increase in their odds to win the Super Bowl, but those changes were for different reasons. Both teams won their games, but the Broncos' odds to win the Super Bowl increased because they beat an NFC favorite and did it pretty convincingly in a primetime game. The Panthers' Super Bowl odds increased because they beat Indianapolis on Monday night, a former Super Bowl favorite, but their odds increased partly from that and partly because the Packers lost, thus weakening their stance to win the Super Bowl.

The Cardinals won their game against the mediocre Browns, but also saw their odds increase because of the Packers' loss. With the Broncos strengthening their stance as a Super Bowl contender, the Bengals' odds slightly dropped as a result. The win against the Steelers helped some of the doubters in this Bengals squad for sure, but Denver's win in primetime was too convincing for them to hold the same odds as the week before. Keep in mind, primetime games are where your national perception is formed and now that the Bengals won on Thursday night against the Browns (though, after these odds were calculated) they will continue to have great chances in primetime for their next few games. If they keep winning under the bright lights, it's likely their odds will grow.

As I predicted last week, the odds to win the AFC North were going to change substantially no matter who won the game between the Bengals and Steelers. Since the Bengals won the game (as we all knew they would, right?) their odds for them to win the AFC North multiplied by one a half times. They are now 1 to 50 (meaning you must bet $50 to win $1) to win the division and the Steelers' odds were cut in half and now are at 12 to 1. This is basically saying the Bengals have won the AFC North, but they make it so the odds of the other teams are lucrative enough that Vegas may still bring some money in on the other teams. Barring a major injury, or a big losing streak, the Bengals will be heavy favorites to win the division until it's actually clinched.

It's crazy to think this, but the Bengals could clinch the division as early as Week 10 if they are undefeated. At this point, they would have wins over every other team in the division, and at worse could finish 10-6, so if Pittsburgh were to lose two of their next three games, the Bengals could have the AFC North clinched before December.

Let's change direction and talk about some of the neat prop lines that Vegas is currently offering. It's crazy to think that we are in Week 9 and already had two head coaches get the axe. One of the fun odds to watch are the odds of which coach will be fired next. Right now Jim Caldwell is leading the way at 1 to 2, which basically means that Vegas thinks he could be fired as early as next week. I however, think the more likely coach get fired next would be Chuck Pagano up the road in Indianapolis because their bye week is coming up and there's a good chance they could lose this week to Denver headed into the bye. Honestly, they should fire him for that disaster of a fourth down play he tried against the Patriots. I could see them firing him over the bye week to allow the interim head coach a little more time to prepare for the following week. The Browns' coach, Mike Pettine is the fourth most likely coach to get fired in Vegas' eyes. I would be surprised if he's fired before the end of the season just because that team is lacking talent which is not really his fault.

After Todd Gurley's third straight big week, he is now the heavy favorite for offensive rookie of the year. At this point, Gurley has 1 to 3 odds to win and you can get the field for 20 to 1. Knowing that St. Louis will lean on Gurley the rest of the year and run the ball heavily, it's going to be tough for anyone to overtake Gurley and that's why the odds for the field are so lucrative. Just last week the odds for Gurley were 3 to 1, tied with Amari Cooper and behind Marcus Mariota at 2.5 to 1. Now, he has separated from the pack.

Since the Bengals played the Browns last night, I thought it would be fun to look at some of the odds that came out once Manziel was named the starter. The categories where there's an over/under mean if he will get more or less thanthe number mentioned for passing yards, passing TDs, turnovers, and rushing yards.

Let me know if there are any other odds you would like me to discuss in the comments section and I'll add them. Also,  for constant NFL updates and film review of the Bengals games and players