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Week 12 St. Louis at Cincinnati: Revisiting 5 keys to Bengals' victory over Rams

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Last week we posted the five things the Bengals needed to do (or avoid) to come away with a win against St. Louis. Now we're going back to see how accurate those keys were and if the Bengals accomplished them.

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The Bengals beat the Rams in a game that was never really in question. Cincinnati's squad did mostly everything right on offense, defense and special teams. Here, we look back and evaluate if the Bengals followed our game plan for success.

No Turnovers

Andy Dalton had a bad interception. He knew it as soon as he tossed the ball. He winced with the knowing he made a mistake. He then came out and answered with touchdown drives. Mistakes happen and many fans were quick to turn on the quarterback as soon as it happened:

I kid with AC, but this sentiment is shared by many people anytime Dalton has a hiccup. He finished the game with a 121 passer rating, three touchdowns and more than 200 yards, yet people still jab at his game. Another terrible mistake avoided was Giovani Bernard fumbling the ball after a long run after a catch. Luckily Tyler Eifert was in position to recover the ball.

Play to your ability

The Bengals played well. There were some missed tackles, but the defense held an NFL offense to under 10 points again and the offense moved the ball relatively easily. This is the way the game should have gone. If you consider yourself one of the premiere teams in the league, you should handle a bad team easily. The Bengals did.

Stop Todd Gurley

The Rams boast a couple of play-makers that should make opposing defenses nervous. One of those guys is Todd Gurley. The Bengals clamped down on him and held him to 19 yards on 9 carries. That is an absolutely awful day for the Rams' star, rookie running back. Another threat is Tavon Austin who did boast 63 yards on the day. But, when you realize one of his carries went for 60 yards, the rest of his day looked pretty terrible too.

Run the Ball

Jeremy Hill looked to be on track to top 100 yards in this game. An injury derailed his chances but what he did do was gain 86 yards on 16 carries. That is almost a 5.4 yards per carry average. If this is how he runs for the remainder of the season, the Bengals are going to be in great shape.

Stay Healthy

This is the point in the season where the game starts to take a toll on teams. Two premiere tight ends were hurt this weekend in Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham. The Ravens are decimated and the Steelers quarterback is banged up again. The Bengals are not immune to this either. The secondary is trying guys out off the couch while Eifert, Vontaze Burfict and Hill all left Sunday's game with injuries, as did Emmanuel Lamur and Chris Lewis-Harris. The extent of the injuries is unknown, but Eifert is questionable for Sunday already.

Did the game play out like you expected? Let us know in the comments.