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Opposing Outlook: What Pittsburgh Steelers fans think of the Bengals in Week 14

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The Bengals face the Steelers this weekend and we tune into the comments at Behind the Steel Curtain for some typical Steelers fan banter.

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This is it, Steelers week. The Bengals are in a position to do something pretty great on Sunday. With a win, they can all but close the door on the Steelers' playoff chances while also taking the AFC North division. Sure, the Steelers could win out and make the postseason with some help from other teams, but at that point, who cares! So needless to say, this is a big game for Cincinnati. Bengals fans would love to close that door at home this weekend.

What do Pittsburgh fans think about this game? You know after last weekends drubbing of the Colts, they must think they have the best offense in the NFL. They also surely have all their excuses lined up from their losses so far this season. Injuries, referees and just karma in general is out to get them.

What blows my mind is Steelers fans still crying about Vontaze Burfict's tackle on Le'Veon Bell. It is unfortunate that a player was injured, but for a fanbase that has celebrated many times when Steelers have hurt the Bengals (even in the same game when Mike Mitchell hit Marvin Jones) they sound like cry babies when they call out others.

I'm with you
Bengals will want to clinch on home turf and I fear Burfict will target BBs knees or someone's. I could flip a coin.

Cute, I wonder if Steelers players intentionally look to hurt others:

The delusion of Steeler fans continue. After being spoiled for so many years, their little brains just struggle to comprehend that they may not be as good as they think they are.

I know this will sound like a homer...
But I don't really expect it to be that close. I'm not expecting a repeat of Indy, but 31-17 is completely possible if we get off to a good start. The Bengals have struggled to put up points against good D's and their vaunted love of Green really puts the onus on them to lean on him for 100+ yards a game and hope their 2-headed running back attack can stack up. I'm more worried about them getting a running game going but with Tuitt back in the lineup, it's less frightening.

One tactic to arguing on the internet is totally making up stats to back a point. This is what happens in the above comment. The Bengals dropped 36 against the Chiefs, 27 on the Seahawks, 34 on the Bills, and 31 on the Cardinals. They haven't struggled against good defenses.

Again, the delusion is rampant:looks like the bungles will have to wait another week
i feel good about this game, i really do. ben is historically bad on games when he returns from injury so no one can really be surprised by his performance 5 weeks ago this offense is literally on fire these last 4 weeks. their worst performance resulted in 475 yards and 30 points. cincy will have to prove their defense is actually good and that they havent been padding their stats against horrible offenses like cleveland st louis and houston. matter of fact they got smoked by the last good offense they played in arizona. steelers can easily score 28 points against cincy this week. they wont have the luxury of playing a rusty ben this time around

Getting smoked must mean losing by a field goal with no time on the clock. The Bengals have the top scoring defense in the NFL, playing many of the same teams the Steelers have.

More excuses:

With the Bengals our D held them to 16 points, and they were assisted by an injured Ben (rematch it, he didn't put pressure on his left foot leading to those INTs), Villy still being a rookie, and Bell going down. I'm expecting us to drop 5 TDs on them now that our offense is back in action. Ben is on a mission to re-deem himself too.

Good luck with that.

One thing that has chapped Bengals fans in the past has been when the Steelers call out attendance. They claim to being better fans and all of that crap. This commenter thinks the Steelers will take over Paul Brown:

My Prediction
It won't be close. Our offense will score big and score early. Steeler Nation will be out in force at the game and will be waving the Towel in Red Ryder's face all game. He'll shoot his eye out. Blake will make a tackle.
PIT 45 CIN 14

I find that funny when I also read this comment from a Steelers fan:

Home attendance - freak out
My buddies and I went to the game from California. We were bummed to see so many empty seats especially in the nosebleeds (the official attendance was 58,000). This was for a prime-time game that was critical to the playoff chances. We must be a better road fanbase than a home one. But the ones there sure saw quite a show!

Can't fill a stadium? I read through the responses and surprise, surprise, there were many excuses. Traffic, late games, weather.... Pittsburgh fans are no better than any other team in the NFL.

Nothing shocking here. In my experience, there are many decent Steeler fans, the vocal majority though are mouth breathing wind bags. So let them talk and cry or whatever they do. The Bengals will enjoy shutting that door to their season on Sunday in Cincinnati.