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NFL Week 14 National TV Map: Will the Bengals vs Steelers game be on your TV Sunday

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The Cincinnati Bengals vs Pittsburgh Steelers game will be on TV in a good chunk of the country this weekend, but, with so many games on at 1:00 p.m. EST, it won't be on anywhere along the west coast.

The Cincinnati Bengals take on the Pittsburgh Steelers at home this weekend and the game will be televised in a good portion of the country including Texas, the upper midwest and along the east coast. It will be CBS' most televised game of the day, on an afternoon in which nearly all of the games are early afternoon ones. Only two games will start in the 4:00 hour on Sunday.

If you happen to be in Vegas this weekend, the game will also be televised there, which tells you something about the amount of betting that is bound to be done on this game.

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After the Bengals game, FOX will be showing the Dallas at Green Bay game for most of the country. Sunday Night Football features the New England Patriots at the Houston Texans. Bengals fans will likely want to tune in for that game as a Patriots loss would have big playoff implications. This week, Bengals fans should be Texans fans.

The week ends in Florida as two 5-7 teams strive to get their sixth win of the year. Those two teams are the New York Giants and the Miami Dolphins. If the last few Monday nights have taught us anything, it's that anything can happen on Monday... And, all that matters is the last 2 minutes. So, be sure to tune your TV to ESPN at around 11:15 p.m.