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Week 14 Cincinnati Bengals vs Pittsburgh Steelers: Submit your game score prediction

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The odds are good that today's game will be a high-scoring affair. What's your score prediction?

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, the Bengals blew out the Browns in Cleveland with a 37-3 victory. While many Cincy Jungle users assumed the Bengals would win by a wide margin, most thought the Browns would put up more than three points.

The closest guesses this week came from burficts_a_beast and etabby who guessed 34-10; rjpro guessed 30-12 and Docox guessed 31-7. Bengalsfan76 actually guessed 41-0, which wasn't too far off either. Zero is actually a lot closer to what the Browns scored than what anyone else predicted for them.

This week, a shootout looks very possible when the Steelers travel to Cincinnati to take on the Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium. The Steelers' offense is averaging 409.1 yards per game, good for second best in the NFL. The Bengals are averaging the eighth most yards per game at 376.2.

The Bengals enter the game with the 4th most points per game (27.8) while the Steelers rank 6th in that category (25.9). On defense, the Bengals are allowing the least points per game (16.3), while the Steelers' defense is allowing the eighth least points per game (20.0).

How do you see this matchup playing out? Record your prediction below and feel free to share it in the comments, too! We'll announce the predictions that came closest next week before the 49ers game!