Is this Marvin's last year? Even if they don't make SB?

I just have a gut feeling in the way Marvin has talked this year, and especially after the game vs. Pitt with Dalton being hurt... he was extra bummed. He has said he would love to get to the Super Bowl and walk away. He knows this year has presented the best chance with an 8-0 start and a healthy roster until recently.... he also knows there could be some key free agent losses in the offseason.

The team knows they can't block Vance Joseph from taking a step up to at least a DC, like they did a year ago. No way Marvin is fired, but maybe he decides he has had enough, and that regardless of what happens in January, this team presented his best chance, and he steps aside.

I say I think it could very well happen, something to keep an eye on, even if they can't advance in playoffs.

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