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Opposing Outlook: What San Francisco 49ers fans think of the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 15

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The Bengals face the 49ers this weekend and we look to the comments section at Niners Nation for how they view the upcoming matchup.

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The air is somber over at Niners Nation. The San Francisco 49ers have a very passionate fanbase. Right now they feel like they can not get anything from their ownership (sound familiar Bengals fans?). It is safe to say that roughly half the fans of the 49ers are rooting for the team to lose out. This is the only way they feel they can get real change.

Here's a look at some of the comments from Niners Nation on how they feel about the 49ers and Bengals this weekend.

Some fans still hold some optimism for this game.

Yeah I don't expect a win but I wouldn't be really surprised if we did
The Bengals will not overlook us though in this match and a good reason why they won't is because Dalton will not be starting. The team around the backup QB though is better then the 49ers team around Blaine so they should have the upper hand all the way around (also on defense). The weird thing really is though that we haven't allowed more than 20 points at home so if that same defense shows up that always gives us a chance if the offense doesn't play as terrible as last week.

Interesting note that the 49ers defense has played pretty well at home. As Bengals fans we want the defense to be soft to allow AJ McCarron the opportunity to build confidence with this offense.

Another San Fran fan agrees the defense is the bright spot for the team:

I posted something similar to this thought below in another thread
But after seeing how badly the o-line played against the Browns, and with Boone out completely now, I wouldn't be surprised to see the 49ers shut out at home, and multiple single game sack records broken.

Cats are tied for 9th in sacks, and although they're only 17th in pass rushing, we're talking about our o-line, gabbs, and our wonderful OC calling the shots.

49ers defense has consistently shown up at home (our 1 good stat this year?) so I could see the Bengals and their backup QB scoring very little points like everyone else.

Bengals still have quite an edge though... should be a good game. Hopefully...

San Francisco is pulling a throwback this weekend and will paint their end zones. A little effort to get the fans excited maybe? Not this fan:

It's a shame though
that only the Bengals offense will be getting in the end zone on Sunday because they do look mighty good.

Other fans just think the Bengals are the better team:

Cinc can use PS players and still win the game
Cinc D will have 14 sacks by halftime
They score one FG and still win the game
Our " teacher" Tomsula will find a way to F.... Things up
Side note am sure Tomsula will call timesout with niners down by 38 points with 5 minutes to go in 4th QT.

I wondered if the fans would rally around the fact that the 49ers would be facing AJ McCarron and may have a chance to rattle the young inexperienced quarterback:

Relax...we'll still lose.
We just made Johnny Football look like a franchise QB (he's not).

AJ to AJ will shred us.

While Bengals fans are nervous, if the game was decided by fan sentiment, this one would be over already:

Winning this game
or any of the remaining games is a pipe dream.
I had high (no pun intended) hopes they would beat the Rams until the stinkin' Browns got nine (9) sacks.

The Bengals need to take care of business and win this game whether it's the defense that propels the team or if AJ McCarron does well. After all, when you're playing a team that's being referred to as the Browns, that's bad.

We're so bad...

That Florio is calling us the Browns, apparently