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Andrew Whitworth, Geno Atkins poised to make Pro Bowl, plus more Bengals who finished at the top of the fan vote

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Andrew Whitworth should be making his second trip to the Pro Bowl in January... If the Bengals don't make it to the Super Bowl, that is.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Pro Bowl fan voting is now over and many Bengals have placed near the top of their position groups. That doesn't mean they'll necessarily make the game though as the fan vote only accounts for one-third of the voting for the game. The coaches and players also get a say in who makes it into the Pro Bowl and they'll be voting by the end of the day today.

Andrew Whitworth and Geno Atkins both finished with the most votes of any player at their positions. Many other Bengals finished near the top of their position groups, and Andy Dalton actually finished with the third most votes of any player in the NFL. The two men ahead of him are quarterbacks Tom Brady and Cam Newton.

Rank Position Team Player Vote total
3 Quarterbacks Cincinnati Bengals Dalton, Andy 525638
6 Wide Receivers
Cincinnati Bengals Green, A.J. 316556
3 Tight Ends Cincinnati Bengals Eifert, Tyler 327054
9 Centers Cincinnati Bengals Bodine, Russell 84423
4 Guards Cincinnati Bengals Zeitler, Kevin 158900
8 Guards Cincinnati Bengals Boling, Clint 109587
1 Tackles Cincinnati Bengals Whitworth, Andrew 175639
6 Defensive Ends Cincinnati Bengals Dunlap, Carlos 195566
1 Defensive Tackles Cincinnati Bengals Atkins, Geno 289684
5 Free Safety Cincinnati Bengals Nelson, Reggie 88956
10 Return Specialists Cincinnati Bengals Jones, Adam 45149
10 Special Teamers Cincinnati Bengals Peerman, Cedric 41316

The final Pro Bowl teams will have the following number of players at each position:

  • 8 wide receivers
  • 6 tackles
  • 6 guards
  • 4  centers
  • 4 tight ends
  • 6 quarterbacks
  • 6 running backs
  • 2 fullbacks
  • 6 defensive ends
  • 6 interior linemen
  • 6 outside linebackers
  • 4 inside/middle linebackers
  • 8 cornerbacks
  • 6 safeties
  • 2 punters
  • 2 placekickers
  • 2 special teamers
  • 2 returners
  • 2 "need" players selected by coaches (e.g., long snapper)

The 2016 Pro Bowl players will be revealed on NFL Network on Tuesday, December 22 at 8:00 PM ET on NFL Network. Players will later be assigned to teams through the Pro Bowl Draft, which will air on ESPN2 on Wednesday, January 27, two days before the game on January 31 at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu.