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Bengals Week 15 Friday practice: Tyler Eifert misses final practice of week

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Tyler Eifert misses his third practice of the week.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals held their Friday walkthrough before they depart this afternoon for San Francisco to face the 49ers on Sunday. They do plan to practice in San Francisco on Saturday as well, but there will be no injury report from that practice.

Tyler Eifert was once again not on the practice field Friday as he recovers from a concussion suffered on Sunday against the Steelers. The concussion occurred in the first quarter when Mike Mitchell led with his head on a hit to Eifert's head. Eifert left the game permanently moments later.

With Eifert likely not playing on Sunday, rookie tight end Tyler Kroft and second year fullback Ryan Hewitt will get increased snaps

Adam Jones was out on the field for the third day in a row and started the afternoon off by returning some punts. Jones missed last week's game with a foot injury and hasn't returned a punt in since prior to injuring his foot against the Texans in Week 10.

Check back tonight for the full practice and injury report for the Bengals and 49ers as well as the estimations for who will play on Sunday.