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Cincy Jungle Bengals Fan of the Week: Juan Carlos Schivy Cornish from Mexico

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Juan talks about how he became a Bengals fan, what it's like being a fan from Mexico, and more.

Juan Carlos Schivy Cornish

This week, we spoke with Juan Carlos Schivy Cornish, a Bengals fan in Mexico with a unique story. Schivy-Cornish recently met Bengals great, Anthony Munoz in Mexico. Read on to learn more about our Bengals Fan of the Week!

Cincy Jungle: How did you become a Bengals' fan?

Juan Carlos Schivy Cornish: I always liked Bengal tigers, so, when I was like seven-years-old, I found here in Mexico a belt with a picture of a Bengal with the helmet on in the belt buckle. I became a Bengals fan on that day. That year was either 1981 or 1982.

CJ: What's your favorite memory of the Bengals?

JC: It is recent, i was at a Play 60 event here in Mexico and I found out that Anthony Muñoz was here as a representative of the league. I took pictures with him and asked him to give me his autograph on my Bengals jerseys and hats!

And of course, I like when my team wins games, but I love every time when they beat Pittsburgh!!! Also, the day (about 1 month ago) I learned there was a Facebook page with other Mexico Bengals fans (about 250 great people)!

CJ: Who are your favorite players?

JC: There are many, but Tyler Eifert, Andy Dalton, A.J. Green on offense and Geno Atkins, Leon Hall, and Vontaze Burfict on defense, we really have a great roster right now!!

CJ: What's it like being a Bengals fan in Mexico?  Are there any local clubs, many other fans, etc.?

JC: There are not many fans here of the Bengals, so when they win ballgames it's great for me. It's a little frustrating and difficult because I can’t get Bengals stuff that easy, but I like to have things that not many people have when I can get it!

CJ: What's the story behind the awesome 'B' logo tattoo?

JC: Jaja, I've spent a lot of time thinking about doing it as a real tattoo. But, you know, this a really difficult decision, because it’s for life! So, I meet a person who told me about henna tattoos, that last three or four weeks, and did it. I’m sure in the future I’m going to do a real one, I don't know when but I’m thinking about it.

CJ: Do you have a favorite piece of memorabilia?

JC: Fortunately I have a lot of things, but no one is my favorite, I love every one of the things I have as a Cincinnati Bengals fan!

The picture above I submitted for a contest in Mexico for the biggest NFL super fan. I also made a trip to Cincinnati in 2007, to see a Steelers vs Bengals game.

Maybe I can say one item that is a favorite is a leather jacket I have with the "B" logo in the back, I like it a lot!!

CJ: Do you have any advice to the team or to the fans?

JC: Just keep being aggressive in the way they play and in the way they draft and keep resigning the best players we have. It seems like this is our year, because finally we are defeating the teams they are supposed to defeat every week.

For fans, never go down on your team, because that is not being a real fan!

Update: Just before posting this, Juan reached out with news of a recent fun event in Mexico.  He knows someone at ESPN who told him Chad Johnson would be there for NFL Live.  Juan took his son to meet him and get pictures.  He said it was amazing—I think we’d all agree!