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Week 15 Bengals at 49ers: Submit your game score prediction

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Record your prediction for Sunday's game below!

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Last week the Bengals lost to the Steelers in a way no one saw coming. As such, we did a bad job predicting the score of the game and there's no one to give a shout out to for a close or accurate guess this week.

Moving onto today's game in Santa Clara against the 49ers, we're looking at the first start for AJ McCarron, and it's anyone's guess as to how this game will play out. Will McCarron impress, will the Bengals' defense carry the team to victory or will the 49ers prove to be a tough test at home on the west coast for the Bengals and their new starting quarterback?

The 49ers' offense is averaging the worst points per game and yards per game at 14.5 and 289.4 respectively. They're significantly better at rushing (for which they rank 21st), than passing, (where they rank 30th in the league). The 49ers' defense is allowing the 19th least points per game (24.2) and the 30th least (or 3rd most) yards per game (401.7). Though things will likely change with McCarron at the helm, the Bengals' offense is scoring the fourth most points per game at 27.2 and recording the sixth most yards per game with 376.9. The Bengals' defense is allowing the 2nd least points per game (17.6) and 10th least yards per game (338.8)

Record your score prediction and let us know how you think this game will play out in the comments!