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NFL Week 16 Playoff Clinching Scenarios: Bengals clinch AFC North, first round bye with win vs Broncos

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Here is the full breakdown of AFC and NFC playoff clinching, division clinching and first round bye clinching scenarios for Week 16 in the NFL.

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The Bengals have clinched a playoff berth and in Week 16, they'll have the opportunity to lock up the AFC North and a first round bye in the playoffs. The Bengals control their own destiny and a win on Monday in Denver would be a huge help toward getting Andy Dalton back healthy for the playoffs. Here is the full list of playoff clinching scenarios for Week 16 and the teams that have already clinched a playoff spot, their division and a first round bye.



New England -- AFC East + first-round bye
Cincinnati -- playoff spot

CINCINNATI BENGALS (at Denver, Monday)

Cincinnati clinches AFC North division with:

  1. CIN win or tie OR
  2. PIT loss or tie

Cincinnati clinches a first-round bye with:

  1. CIN win or tie

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (at New York Jets, Sunday)

New England clinches home-field advantage throughout AFC playoffs with:

  1. NE win OR
  2. NE tie + CIN loss or tie

DENVER BRONCOS (vs. Cincinnati, Monday)

Denver clinches AFC West division with:

  1. DEN win + KC loss or tie OR
  2. DEN tie + KC loss

Denver clinches a playoff spot with:

  1. DEN win + NYJ loss or tie  OR
  2. DEN win + PIT loss or tie OR
  3. DEN tie + NYJ loss OR
  4. DEN tie + PIT loss

HOUSTON TEXANS (at Tennessee, Sunday)

Houston clinches AFC South division with:

  1. HOU win + HOU clinches strength of victory tiebreaker over IND OR
  2. HOU win + IND loss or tie OR
  3. HOU tie + IND loss

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (vs. Cleveland, Sunday) 
Kansas City clinches a playoff spot with:

  1. KC win + NYJ loss OR
  2. KC win + PIT loss

PITTSBURGH STEELERS (at Baltimore, Sunday)

Pittsburgh clinches a playoff spot with:

  1. PIT win + NYJ loss



Carolina -- NFC South + first-round bye
Arizona -- NFC West
Green Bay -- playoff spot
Seattle -- playoff spot

CAROLINA PANTHERS (at Atlanta, Sunday)

Carolina clinches home-field advantage throughout NFC playoffs with:

  1. CAR win or tie OR
  2. ARI loss or tie​

ARIZONA CARDINALS (vs. Green Bay, Sunday)

Arizona clinches a first-round bye with:

  1. ARI win or tie

GREEN BAY PACKERS (at Arizona, Sunday)

Green Bay clinches NFC North division with:

  1. GB win + MIN loss or tie OR
  2. GB tie + MIN loss

MINNESOTA VIKINGS (vs. New York Giants, Sunday night)

Minnesota clinches a playoff spot with:

  1. MIN win or tie OR
  2. ATL loss or tie OR
  3. SEA win or tie

WASHINGTON REDSKINS (at Philadelphia, Saturday)

Washington clinches NFC East division with:

  1. WAS win OR
  2. WAS tie + NYG loss