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Bengals practice squad RB James Wilder Jr. kicked out of Toys "R" Us in case of potential racial profiling

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James Wilder Jr. was shopping for his nephew's Christmas present at Toys "R" Us in Florence, Kentucky when he believes he was racially profiled.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Bengals practice squad running back James Wilder Jr. was at Toys "R" Us doing some holiday shopping when he was approached by an employee who believed he was shoplifting and at the store for the second time that day after stealing earlier in the day too.

Wilder took to social media to share the story and what happened. Wilder believes this was a case of racial profiling. As a member of the Bengals' practice squad, he makes a good enough salary that he definitely doesn't need to shoplift.

Kicked out of toys r us for being accused of stealing no proof no nothing just told to leave

Posted by James J-dub Wilder on Monday, December 21, 2015

Wilder ended up leaving the store, as asked, even though they had no evidence of him actually stealing from the store.