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Week 16 Bengals at Broncos: Submit your game score prediction

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It's time to submit your prediction for this week's Bengals game!

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Every week, we ask you for your score predictions and give shout outs the following week to those who came close. No one this season has correctly predicted the score of the game (when sharing it in the comments section)... until last week, when I did! I hate to toot my own horn, but, I nailed last week's score prediction for the Bengals vs 49ers game.

You can ignore how I assumed I'd be wrong... since I wasn't.

This week, the Bengals take on the Broncos on Monday Night Football, a team with a shaky offense but strong defense. Like the Bengals, the Broncos are also playing with a backup quarterback, turned starter due to Peyton Manning's foot injury.

The Bengals' offense ranks 4th in points per game (27), 11th in yards per game (367.3), 11th in passing yards per game (256.4) and 15th in rushing yards per game (15th). The Bengals' defense ranks 1st in points allowed (17.4), 9th in yards allowed (337.3), 18th in passing yards allowed (244.1) and 8th in rushing yards allowed (93.2).

The Broncos' offense ranks 18th in points per game (22), 22nd in yards per game (342.5), 17th in passing yards per game (242.9) and 18th in rushing yards per game (99.6). The Broncos' defense ranks 4th in points allowed (18.5), 1st in yards allowed (279.9), 1st in passing yards allowed (200) and 1st in rushing yards allowed (79.9).

You can also now log in to the below widget when making your predictions to keep track of your guesses each week and be awarded points for accurate or close predictions.