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Opposing Outlook: What Denver Bronco fans think of the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 16

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The Bengals face the Broncos on Monday night and we look to the comments section at Mile High Report for how they view the upcoming matchup.

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This is an interesting week of browsing through the opponents comment sections on Mile High Report. This seems like a well behaved fan base for the most part. I didn't seem any fans disrespecting the Bengals or calling this an easy game. Sure, there are some fans that are confident in their team:

CIN beat down by 10pts.
Team will come out all guns blazing. Lots of pressure on McCarron and him making critical mistakes. Expect a solid DEN run game, VD, DT and Green with big catches. I see us leading by half and pulling away with a complete game.


looks like the starting safeties are back ...
and the injury report is a fraction of what it was previously. We need a healthy team!
Broncos by 10 points and defense scores a TD.

Then there is the commenter who thinks the Bengals are "average at best"?

If we can't win our last two games against an awful Chargers and an average at best Bengals team at.home with a back up qb we have no business being in the playoffs.

I think 11 wins at this point in the season proves the Bengals are better than "average at best" but whatever gives you confidence in your team, I guess.

The fans understand how big this game is for the two teams:

This has now become the biggest
regular season game for the Broncos. This is a must win game, and I'm rooting for the Broncos to be up for it.

Another fan thinks if the Broncos lose this game, they shouldn't be in the playoffs. It appears they don't think the Bengals are any good or worthy of beating them.

Could be do or die?

It most definitely IS. No doubt about it. If we lose this game, we don’t deserve a playoff spot.

I can't quite tell if this person is joking....

Let me also point out the obvious . . .

our O-line sucks even when they’re "healthy." Also, I’m curious, how many "AJ’s" do you guys have? The NFL limits you to two players with the same initials/name according to the latest players’ agreement with the league. Help me out here Ozark.

The myth of Vontaze Burfict floats into the comment boards also. Much of this comes from moronic Steeler fans arguing that the cheap shots their team takes are nothing compared to what the Bengals players do. Those fans have been present on the Broncos boards all week:

Watch out for Vontaze Burfict
With as much attention Burfict has gotten for his dirty play, I really hope he Osweiler stays in the pocket this game. VB is going to be looking to take some cheap shots that Broncos can ill afford to handle.

Speaking of Steeler fans, this loser pops up in the 5 questions for the enemy article for the Broncos, Bengals game. Get a life maybe?

Answer me this, what QB is 0-4 in the playoffs?
What is his record in primetime?

by KY_Steelers_Fan

Another theme in the comments is the elation that the Broncos' safeties are healthy this week. Denver fans understand they need their top talent to play the Bengals:

Talib will sucker an inexperienced McCarron into a pick six by jumping a route.
Broncos will win the turnover battle and the game.

All in all, they're a pretty civil bunch. Once again I am disturbed by the amount of Bengals fans and regular CJ commenters popping in over there to state that they think the Broncos will probably win. This is something that happens every week and I fail to understand it. Why not support your team, especially in enemy territory?

To each his own. WhoDey all!