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Week 16 Cincinnati Bengals at Denver Broncos: Tecmo Bowl Futures

You can go anywhere on the web and find what the experts think the outcome of any game will be. I have my own expert. She was born in 1991 and has had my heart ever since. Her name, Tecmo Super Bowl.

Cincinnati has a chance to lock up the second seed in the AFC playoffs with a win on Monday night. The only problem is, they need to go through the Denver Broncos at their home field to do it. Both teams are starting quarterbacks who were not number one for most of the season. We turn to Tecmo to see how this game is going to play out.

The Broncos start with the football and are not able to do much against a pumped up Cincinnati defense.

Denver is forced to punt.

The Bengals decide to feed the ball to Jeremy Hill who runs like a man possessed. He gets a big gain on first down.

Denver's Danny Trevathan gets to AJ McCarron for the sack.

But the Bengals Marvin Jones gets open on the next play for the first down.

McCarron finds Ryan Hewitt in the end zone for the touchdown.

The Bengals defense continues to play tough as Carlos Dunlap gets a sack.

Denver is again forced to punt.

The Broncos defense came to play too as McCarron is brought down again. This time by Brandon Marshall.

At the end of one, the Bengals lead 7 - 0.

Cincinnati is forced to punt the ball back to Denver.

A failed pass with a couple short runs forces the Bronco's to punt again.

This is becoming the Jeremy Hill show as he breaks a big run.

This time he finds the endzone for the touchdown.

Denver attacks through the air as Brock Osweiler finds Cody Latimer for a big gain.

The next play however, Osweiler finds Adam Jones for the interception.

McCarron sees A.J. Green open down the side and he hauls in the pass for a big gain.

The Bengals opt to try for a field goal with 17 seconds left in the half.

It's good.

The Bengals shock everyone as they jump out to a 17-0 lead at the half.

After a couple stuffed runs, Green pulls in a pass and takes it all the way to open the second half.

The Bengals defense is becoming relentless as Vontaze Burfict records a sack.

Denver continues to press forward and moves the ball down the field with a good mix of run and pass.

But Michael Johnson also gets involved in the sack game.

Osweiler tosses his second red zone interception as the Bengals take over on offense.

Cincinnati feeds Jeremy Hill and he picks up huge chunks of yards.

And Green once again finds the endzone.

At the end of the third quarter the Bengals are dominating the Broncos with a score of 31 - 0.

C.J. Anderson finds some room and breaks free to open the 4th quarter.

But Michael Johnson brings Osweiler down on the next play for a big loss.

The Broncos go for it on 4th down and fail to get the first. The Bengals take over on downs.

Once again Jeremy Hill runs very hard and finds the endzone.

The Bengals kickoff pins the Broncos on their own goal line.

And Michael Johnson breaks through and records the safety.

Marvin Jones takes a short pass a long way for another Bengals touchdown with little time left on the clock.

The Bengals ran away with this one and now the final game means nothing as the second seed is locked up.