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Week 16 Bengals Social Media Roundup: AFC North champs and trip to Denver

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The Bengals took to social media to share their Christmas celebrations and excitement over clinching the AFC North.

The Cincinnati Bengals had a hectic Christmas week between preparations for Denver, flying to a different timezone and playing a primetime game on Monday Night Football. Though they lost, not all was negative this week as the Bengals wrapped up the AFC North and are the division champions. The Bengals even still have an opportunity to get a playoff bye if the Chargers beat the Broncos in Week 17 in Denver. Here's a wrap up of the Bengals' happenings this week, via social media.

Last Tuesday, we learned five Bengals have been selected for this season's Pro Bowl. The team hasn't had as many players selected since the 2005 season.

Geno Atkins took to social media to thanks fans for their help in his Pro Bowl selection.

I'd like to first thank God for blessing me with the opportunity to be voted into my 4th Pro Bowl. I'd also like to thank all those who voted!!! Shout out to all my teammates that made the #ProBowl this year #WhoDey

Carlos Dunlap, Dre Kirkpatrick and Michael Johnson went to a University of Cincinnati basketball game last week.

Not Really A #TBT but Tuesday Night Catching Splinters with the homies... : Kareem

A photo posted by Carlos Dunlap (@employee96) on

Dre Kirkpatrick spent time with his mom last week for her birthday.

I’m not sure where this is, but it is pretty awesome.

C'mon now...who's rollin?!?! #WhoDey all day! #roadtoSB50

A photo posted by Dre Kirkpatrick (@drepic6) on

Atkins is definitely better at football than wrapping presents.

When your fiancé @ktmerr leaves and you have to wrap gifts lol

A photo posted by @genosacks on

Another look at Atkins' bad wrapping job, courtesy of Will Clarke.

Prime example of when you feel like "Man they better be grateful" lmao @genosacks

A video posted by Will Clarke (@willclarke93) on

Merry Christmas from Andy Dalton's son!

Merry Christmas!

A photo posted by Andy Dalton (@andydalton14) on

Merry Christmas and Happy Who-Li Dey #whodey #DunlapWPMOYChallenge

A video posted by Carlos Dunlap (@employee96) on

Jake Fisher's Christmas tree:

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidazzze! Now we fill the dog cage #blessed #family #hambone #bengals

A photo posted by Jake Fisher (@the.vg_74) on

Pat Sims is a red velvet cake master.


A video posted by ウォリス (@mr_wiseguy95_champ) on

A.J. Green got a drone for Christmas from his wife.


A photo posted by A.J. Green (@ajgreen_18) on

Merry Christmas everybody!!!

A photo posted by George Iloka (@george_iloka) on

Adam Jones with his family on Christmas.

Had a ball yesterday with the family

A photo posted by @realpacman24 on

Jones' daughter opening presents on Christmas morning.

Niyah lol

A video posted by @realpacman24 on

Calm now lol

A photo posted by @realpacman24 on

The Jones children made quite a mess opening their presents!

5 mins later

A photo posted by @realpacman24 on

Jones got a fur coat for Christmas which he wore to Denver, where it was VERY cold.

Merry Christmas from the Peko family!

A baby Sanu Christmas photo bombardment is up next and it’s worth it.

Brief break for these awesome shoes that Sanu was gifted.

Ugly Xmas sweater edition.. #MerryXmas

A photo posted by Mohamed Sanu Sr. (@mohamedsanu) on

And back to the adorable baby pictures.

When you find out daddy got the day off today.. ❤️

A photo posted by Mohamed Sanu Sr. (@mohamedsanu) on

Sanu also got his girlfriend this portrait of their son for Christmas, created by Shawn Volker.

Andrew Whitworth always makes time for his kids!

Christmas Break!! Breakfast with my crew!!

A photo posted by Andrew Whitworth (@awhitworth77) on

A few Bengals including Michael Johnson, Dunlap, P.J. Dawson and Brandon Thompson played video games, made crafts and spent time with local Cincinnati children early in the week.

Our Winter Wonderland at GameWorks. The smiles are priceless... #TheDLineDeliversChristmas #BengalsGiveBack

A photo posted by Mike Johnson (@mj_agent90) on

Marvin Jones was practicing his singing this week.

Tryna work on some Harmonies.... #BZNStudio

A video posted by Marvin Jones Jr (@marvinjonesjr) on

His kids also got Rock Band for Christmas, so they jammed out over the weekend, too.

We on Tour right now....

A video posted by Marvin Jones Jr (@marvinjonesjr) on

The Bengals were looking good on the way to Denver.

✈️ #TravelingGrace #MNF #BeatTheBroncos #WhoDey

A photo posted by Carlos Dunlap (@employee96) on

Business Trip #MNF #whodey #letsgochamp

A photo posted by @clewharris on

We have arrived #WhoDey

A photo posted by Cedric Ogbuehi (@nuff_ced70) on

Leon Hall shared his business trip attire:

Business trip to Denver!

A photo posted by Leon Hall (@lastarza9) on

Carlos Dunlap posted a photo at the Bengals' Saturday walkthru destination. They weren't able to practice at the Broncos' stadium, so they traveled 20 miles to a local high school.

75 and Sunny for practice today in Denver :mark slaughter

A photo posted by Carlos Dunlap (@employee96) on

Wallace Gilberry's business trip attire:

Ran off on the plug twice..... business as usual #mnf #whodey #wheelsup #BTC

A photo posted by ウォリス (@mr_wiseguy95_champ) on

Gilberry, Andre Smith, Andrew Whitworth and Eric Winston pose for a picture on the team plane while Paul Alexander looked at the camera from behind them.

@awhitworth77 X Dre X Eric aye Denver we outchea #whoedey

A photo posted by ウォリス (@mr_wiseguy95_champ) on

We have arrived #WhoDey

A photo posted by Cedric Ogbuehi (@nuff_ced70) on

Andre Smith’s Denver travel attire:

Gilberry was excited to hear Sweet Home Alabama playing in Denver.

Took over the ocean prime here in Denver #SWEETHOMEALABAMA roll tide roll....

A video posted by ウォリス (@mr_wiseguy95_champ) on

we run the north y'all like my new name

A video posted by ウォリス (@mr_wiseguy95_champ) on

On the plane like really !!!!!

A photo posted by @realpacman24 on