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ESPN isn't sure how to spell Bengals sack leader, Carlos Dunlap's name

Carlos Dunlap isn't a name those at ESPN know how to spell.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday night during the Bengals' overtime loss to the Broncos, Carlos Dunlap recorded three sacks, bringing his season total to 13.5, a Bengals' franchise record.

ESPN decided to Tweet about the accomplishment, but, proved how underrated Dunlap is. They spelled his name wrong in their Tweet, as "Dunalp" and did not take down the post, acknowledging the error.

Dunlap has the third most sacks in the NFL, just 1.5 behind Oakland Raiders DE Khalil Mack and half a sack behind Houston Texans DE and NFL fan-favorite, J.J. Watt.

Here's Dunlap's first sack of the night, which came on the Broncos' first offensive drive:

If three sacks on primetime television isn't enough to have people start spelling your name correctly, we're not sure what is.