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Andy Dalton thinks Coldplay will be "fun halftime show for everyone"

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Andy Dalton doesn't mind the announcement that Coldplay will be the Super Bowl 50 halftime headliner.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that British band, Coldplay will headline the Super Bowl 50 halftime show.

While the reactions across the internet were somewhat mixed, Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton doesn't mind the news.

"I’m into Coldplay," Dalton told For The Win. "Their music is pretty awesome, so I think it would be a fun halftime show for everyone."

That wasn't all Dalton had to say about music this week. Non-football discussions have been frequent in Dalton's weekly press conferences and such was the case again this week when he was asked, Do you listen to music before games? His answer was a one-worded: sometimes. But, that prompted a follow up.

"What gets you going," a reporter then asked. Dalton responded saying, "I listen to Christian music before games."

That still wasn't enough for reporters who then questioned him again, asking, "Does that calm you down, get you pumped up?"

"Both," Dalton said. "There's stuff that's more upbeat and there's the other stuff that's pretty calm. It just kind of depends. I'm not like superstitious and have like, 'Oh I've got to listen to this song or I've got to listen to different things.' It just puts me in a good state of mind."

In speaking with For the Win, Dalton also referred back to the left shark from last year's Katy Perry Super Bowl halftime show. "The left shark last year got a lot of publicity. I think you have to do something that’s a little different."

It will have to be seen if Coldplay has any prop tricks up their sleeves, and whether it's the Bengals who will be in the locker room during the show. Hopefully Dalton won't be watching the show and instead will be preparing for the second half of Super Bowl 50 in the Levi's Stadium locker room.

We're hoping he'll be unable to experience what he's expecting to be a "pretty awesome" show live and will have to watch it back on YouTube later on.

But, worry not, PFTCommenter has volunteered to GoPro the halftime show for Dalton.

At least one Bengals player, defensive lineman Wallace Gilberry plans to be listening from the locker room.