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Opposing Outlook: What Cleveland Browns fans think of the Bengals in Week 13

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Every week we take a look around the web to find some of the thoughts of opposing teams' fans concerning their upcoming game with the Bengals. This week we scour the web for any Browns fans comments on the upcoming game.

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There has been no harder week to find the opposing teams' fans chatting about the game than this one. The Cleveland faithful are focused on two things.

1. Firing their coach and GM

2. Arguing about Johnny Manziel

It is not a lack of interest, Browns fans are some of the most die hard I know. They bleed Brown and Orange, it's just they know that the Bengals have the better team and they are looking for changes for the future of their team. Still though, some fans are on board with Johnny football. They think he could still be the future of the Browns organization and don't understand this week's decision to play Austin Davis:

Still glad we don't have Dalton. JF > Dalton all day.


Agreed. I think he has a lot of potential. Maybe it won't translate to the pros. Let's wait this out for a few games. if it we don't turn it around in a few years we can pull for the Bengals:-)!

(We would love to have you). However, Manziel is probably just another name to add to an already too long list of failed Browns quarterbacks.

I'm not so sure about the Dalton hate coming from Cleveland. Andy is a genuine MVP candidate this season, Johnny Manziel can't get on the field. Not because of his play, but because he is a moron.

I then looked around at any Browns vs Bengals preview posts that would possibly have comments about the fans that like Cleveland's chances on Sunday. Here is a sample of comments I found there:

Here's the only preview you need ... Browns lose.

Here's one of the other few comments from Dawgs By Nature about the Bengals vs Browns matchup:

I predict that the Browns will set a new record – for rushing yards surrendered. I mean, I don’t want them to. I just think they will.

That would be pretty nice... for us. So, since the Browns' season is virtually over, who are Browns fans rooting for going forward?

I’m rooting for the Panthers. I hope they go undefeated too.

Another opinion...

I hope the Titans win just to solidify our draft position.

Alright, then...

It has to be tough: short week coming off of the blocked field goal loss with no time on the clock. Fans are still in mourning over the Browns doing what the Browns do. So I leave you with a montage video set to Adele's Hello.

Poor browns fans.