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Week 13 Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns: Submit your game score prediction

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What's your score prediction for the Bengals vs Browns game?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals got back on track last week against the Rams with a sound 31-7 victory. And, like the Bengals, we got back on track too, but with our predictions for the game's outcome. Nearly everyone actually over-estimated the Rams' ability, other than commenter Berlin08, who predicted a 31-6 score, officially becoming the closest person to correctly guess the outcome of a game this season.

Gelowolf77 guessed 31-15 and Dr. Burnwald guessed 31-13, both getting the right score for the Bengals, but giving the Rams more credit than they were due.

This week, the Bengals face a Browns team in Cleveland who they beat 31-10 in Week 9 at home. The Bengals' secondary may be down a few players, but the Browns' secondary has a few missing links as well. First round corners Joe Haden and Justin Gilbert are both out for the game while dealing with concussions.

The Cleveland defense has allowed the third most points in the league, averaging 400.8 yards allowed per game. Their passing defense is ranked 24th in the league, considerably better than their rushing defense, which is ranked 31st, with an average of 135.6 rushing yards allowed each week. Last week gave us a look at the Jeremy Hill we saw last year and this week could serve as his best chance yet to reemerge as a star on the Bengals' offense.

Austin Davis may be a bit of an unknown but the Bengals' offense is one of the NFL's best and they should have no problem putting points on the board. The Bengals are averaging the fourth most points per game in the NFL and they should look to bolster that stat in Cleveland.

So, what's your prediction for today's Bengals vs Browns game? Record it below and let us know in the comments. If you come close, or guess correctly, we'll be sure to give you a shout out next week!