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Many Cincinnati Bengals on top of 2016 Pro Bowl voting

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More Bengals than usual look poised to make the 2016 Pro Bowl, though, hopefully they won't be able to attend as they'll be preparing for the Super Bowl.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals have several players on the brink of being voted into the 2016 NFL Pro Bowl based on today's voting update.

Andy Dalton continues to have the third-most votes of any player in the NFL. He's also the third-ranked quarterback with Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers and Tom Brady of the New England Patriots being the only two players ahead of him in voting.

Here are the top 10 Pro Bowl vote receivers as of 12/9/2015:

QB Tom Brady New England 502,913
QB Cam Newton Carolina 473,460
QB Andy Dalton Cincinnati 389,062
QB Aaron Rodgers Green Bay 359,158
TE Rob Gronkowski New England 355,271
RB Devonta Freeman Atlanta 347,861
QB Carson Palmer Arizona 342,594
WR Odell Beckham, Jr. New York Giants 328,097
WR Antonio Brown Pittsburgh 319,004
RB Adrian Peterson Minnesota 311,081

As was the case the last time the NFL released voting totals in late November, the only Bengals player in the top two players at his respective position is Geno Atkins, who is the top vote-getting at defensive tackle. Atkins is one of the best defensive players in the NFL this season, a defensive player of the year candidate and is well deserving of Pro Bowl recognition.

Here is the full list of Bengals players in the top 10 players at their respective positions:

Position Team Player Number of Votes Position Rank
Quarterbacks Cincinnati Bengals Dalton, Andy 389,062 3
Wide Receivers Cincinnati Bengals Green, A.J. 203,118 7
Tight Ends Cincinnati Bengals Eifert, Tyler 230,169 3
Centers Cincinnati Bengals Bodine, Russell 61,936 8
Guards Cincinnati Bengals Zeitler, Kevin 108,388 4
Guards Cincinnati Bengals Boling, Clint 62,158 9
Tackles Cincinnati Bengals Whitworth, Andrew 90,438 3
Defensive Ends Cincinnati Bengals Dunlap, Carlos 144,538 3
Defensive Tackles Cincinnati Bengals Atkins, Geno 201,457 1
Free Safety Cincinnati Bengals Nelson, Reggie 56,462 5
Return Specialists Cincinnati Bengals Jones, Adam 36,280 9
Special Teamers Cincinnati Bengals Peerman, Cedric 33,265 7

Eight wide receivers, 6 tackles, 6 guards, 4  centers, 4 tight ends, 6 quarterbacks, 6 running backs, 2 fullbacks, 6 defensive ends, 6 interior linemen, 6 outside linebackers, 4 inside/middle linebackers, 8 cornerbacks, 6 safeties , 2 punters, 2 placekickers, 2 special teamers, 2 returners and 2 "need" player selected by coaches (e.g., long snapper) will make the Pro Bowl.

It's looking like the Bengals will have quite a few players making the Pro Bowl this season and a few will be first-timers.

You can vote for Dalton, Atkins and the rest of the Bengals for the Pro Bowl by going here. Voting is open until Tuesday, December 15. The Pro Bowl players will be announced on Tuesday, December 22 live on NFL Network.