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Investigation into incident involving Adam Jones at a casino

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Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam Jones is being investigated for an alleged incident at an Indiana Casino. TMZ Sports initially reported the story, which has been independently picked up by WLWT, WCPO and WXIX.

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Originally reported by TMZ Sports, Bengals cornerback Adam Jones is being investigated for an alleged incident at an Indiana Casino Wednesday morning. There was no arrest made. Per the story:

Here's what we know ... police received a call at 12:42 AM to report a "disorderly person" at the Hollywood Casino in Indiana. Officials tell us the Cincinnati Bengals star is being investigated over the incident -- however, he was NOT arrested. Multiple witnesses tell us Jones was kicked out of the casino -- however, casino officials would not comment on the situation.

According to people cited in the story, Jones is a regular but "is far from an angel ... and has been a pain in the ass on numerous occasions." Cincinnati's WLWT (Channel 5) has picked up the story:

Lawrenceburg police said Adam "Pacman" Jones was involved in an incident at the Hollywood Casino.

Officers would not extrapolate on the type of incident involving Jones. It was not known if charges would be filed against him.

"The matter is under further investigation, and the Lawrenceburg Police Department at this time cannot make any further comments," the Lawrenceburg Police Department said in a statement via WCPO (Channel 9). Fox 19 also cited the statement from the Lawrenceburg Police Department.

Jones responded to the report, via a video on Instagram:

"I’m in the car, I got a call telling me I’m on the news about the casino last night. Man, you all need to stop that s–t, man. You all ain’t got s–t else to report? TMZ, all, y’all. Get outta motherf–kin here, man. Get the f–k out of here. Ain’t nobody did," Jones said, transcribed by Pro Football Talk.

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