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The CJ's: Award For Best 2014 Free Agent Acquisition

We look at the best free agents that the Cincinnati Bengals brought in for the 2014 season. Cast your vote and sound off!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals had a notoriously slow free agency period in 2014. That fact makes this award a bit difficult to determine a winner, but we're still going to try. The contributors at CJ will also be relying on your votes to determine a winner, so cast them and comment on your winner!

Technically, this award is relegated to veteran guys on the open market, but we've made exceptions before. Those exceptions usually surround college free agents as well. One has to hope that this award won't be as difficult to determine next year.

Alberto Luque: Ryan Hewitt. He has been a revelation, coming out of nowhere.

Jason Marcum: Jason Campbell. He spread his suck onto Andy Dalton and made him worse than he already was.

Nick Seuberling: crickets..... Eric Winston I guess? If you count college free agent Ryan Hewitt