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Adam Gase wanted Bengals DB coach Vance Joseph

The San Francisco 49ers were denied an interview request for Bengals defensive backs coach Vance Joseph last month. During negotiations as their head coach, Adam Gase was hoping to tab Joseph as his defensive coordinator (if he couldn't have his primary candidate).

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Former Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase was given an ultimatum by the San Francisco 49ers -- agree to promote defensive line coach Jim Tomsula as the defensive coordinator or look for someone else to replace Jim Harbaugh as the 49ers next head coach. Per the Mercury News:

Then, the next morning, after Baalke flew back to the Bay Area, things changed: Gase, the source says, was informed that he could only have the job if he made Tomsula his defensive coordinator. No Tomsula, no offer. Gase turned that suggestion down flat, and that’s when the 49ers immediately tabbed Tomsula as the head coach to follow Harbaugh.

Gase, who reportedly wanted defensive coordinator Vic Fangio to stay as the team's defensive coordinator, took the vacant offensive coordinator position in Chicago. Fangio followed Gase as Chicago's next defensive coordinator. Per Niners Nation, writing a story with the headline "The Organization is a Mess":

Another report came out about Vic Fangio and Adam Gase. Reportedly, Fangio would have stayed as the Niners defensive coordinator if Gase was hired as head coach, but management wanted to promote Jim Tomsula to defensive coordinator and Gase didn't want him as his coordinator. Management decided it was better to promote a position coach to head coach than hire an offensive minded coach and keep one, if not the best defensive coordinators in the NFL. Doesn't make management look very good right about now, but that's not really news, is it?

Why, on a Bengals website, do we care about this?

According to Albert Breer with the NFL Network, Bengals defensive backs coach Vance Joseph was one of Gase's candidates for defensive coordinator.

The Sacramento Bee reported last month that the Bengals blocked an interview request with Joseph. Coincidence? Obviously not.

Gase wanted Fangio -- and if not him, then Joseph -- at defensive coordinator. The 49ers, who requested an interview with Joseph, said you'll take Tomsula. Gase took the vacant offensive coordinator position in Chicago and Tomsula was announced as the 49ers head coach.

Cincinnati blocked multiple advances from the Denver Broncos, who hired Gary Kubiak as their head coach -- Joseph coached under Kubiak for three seasons in Houston.