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Clint Boling and Bengals interested in new deal, per report

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The Bengals want to keep Clint Boling, and it appears the interest may be mutual.

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals aren't going to lose many key players in free agency this year, but one of their best offensive lineman from this past year is set to hit the market.

Starting guard Clint Boling is set to become a free agent for the first time in his four-year career, and he'll be looking for a nice contract that pays him more than he was getting as a fourth-round pick out of Georgia. However, Boling may want to stay in Cincinnati for his next deal.

Paul Dehner of the Cincinnati Enquirer says the Bengals and Boling are interested in getting a new contract ironed out, possibly before the start of free agency.

Probably the most sought-after of the Bengals' free agents but most likely to first get a new contract worked out. Both sides are interested in his return and it should be a deal that can easily get done.

Free agency begins in less than a month, and the Bengals routinely get a few guys re-signed before it starts. This could be a good sign that Boling and the team may get a new deal signed in the coming weeks.

Per Pro Football Focus, Boling ranked as the league's 8th-9th best left guard with an overall score of +5.0 while also registering as a run blocker at +5.4.

Since taking over as the team's full-time starting left guard in 2012, Boling's combined overall score sits at +20.5. When he played right tackle (for the injured Andre Smith) against the Pittsburgh Steelers, he scored an overall grade of +3.2, but he moved back to left guard after struggling against the Cleveland Browns.

It's possible that with a full year of working at right tackle that he could replace Smith once Smith becomes a free agent next year, making Boling's value for the Bengals even higher.