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Ranking A.J. Green's 2015 salary among the top NFL wide receivers

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green is entering his final year under contract, a fifth-year option that will pay him more than $10 million. Where does that rank among the best receivers in the NFL?

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals exercised the fifth-year option on A.J. Green's rookie contract last April, turning a four-year deal into five years, per the Collective Bargaining Agreement with first-round draft picks. Green will earn $10.176 million in 2015, which is the transition tag level for wide receivers in 2014. His 2015 salary ranks as the sixth-most among all NFL wide receivers:

Larry Fitzgerald $16.25 million
Calvin Johnson $12.5 million
Andre Johnson $11.5 million
Dwayne Bowe $11 million
Percy Harvin $10.5 million
A.J. Green $10.176 million
Julio Jones $10.176 million
Mike Wallace $9.9 million
Vincent Jackson $9.777 million
Greg Jennings $9 million

Detroit's Calvin Johnson and Arizona's Larry Fitzgerald are the highest paid wide receivers in the NFL -- both of whom are currently serving a seven-year deal worth $113 million (or more). These are contracts that the Lions and Cardinals simply can't get out from -- the Lions would face over $20 million in dead money if they released Johnson.

Green is scheduled to become a free agent after 2015. If Green and Cincinnati are unable to work an extension (which would reduce the cap number in 2015) by then, expect Green to get slapped with the franchise tag around this time next year.