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The CJ's: The Chad Johnson Award For Best Touchdown Celebration Of The Year

We take a look at the lighter side of things by awarding a CJ for the best touchdown celebration by a Bengals player this year. Cast your vote and sound off!

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Though the NFL has been coined as the "No Fun League" recently because of their clamping down on players' on-field antics, there are still quite a few instances of entertainment after a play. Touchdown celebrations aren't what they were eight-10 years ago when former Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson would use props like pylons and TV cameras, but today's stars still get creative.

This year's Bengals squad was no exception. In their route to a fourth straight playoff berth, the Bengals scored a lot of touchdowns and celebrated each to varying degrees. There are a couple of celebrations that immediately sprung to the contributors' minds and here are our nominees for the light-hearted award.

Alberto Luque: Jeremy Hill. Again nothing else needed to add.

Jason Marcum: Jeremy Hill Ickey Shuffle.

Nick Seuberling: Jeremy Hill doing the Ickey Shuffle.

Anthony Cosenza: It's hard to go against the Hill/Ickey Shuffle dance, so i'll just add another to the mix for fun: Dre Kirkpatrick's victory lap around part of Paul Brown Stadium after his pick-six of Peyton Manning. It basically stamped the Bengals' ticket into the postseason again and solidified one of the best win's in Marvin Lewis' tenure.

Rebecca Toback: I’m all for using your anger to achieve greatness. Such was the case when Jeremy Hill caused a missed tackle and stormed down the field for 85 yards and a touchdown against the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football. But after this touchdown, Hill didn't do one of his now-famous dances. He walked around the perimeter of the field, huffing and puffing, surely getting some of his anger out and showing the Broncos who’s boss. Screaming into the TV cameras added fuel to the fire.