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Marvin Jones Clip On His Instagram Account Shows Good Rehab Progress

Bengals wide receiver Marvin Jones posted a video to his Instagram account this week and it shows solid progress in his rehab process.

In the 2013 season, Bengals wide receiver Marvin Jones began to emerge as one of the best No.2 wide receivers in the league. With over 700 receiving yards and ten touchdowns that year, Jones and A.J. Green teamed up to help quarterback Andy Dalton set franchise passing records.

In the spring months entering the 2014 season, Jones was a fantasy football darling, for players looking to add a solid WR2 or flex guy in their lineup. Unfortunately, those predictions came screeching to a halt because of accrued injuries to Jones without him ever playing a game this past season.

First a foot injury required surgery that disallowed Jones to play through the first quarter of the regular season. It was thought that he would return around the Week Five Sunday Night match-up against the New England Patriots, but that didn't happen either as Jones was deemed to have a severely injured ankle. Some speculated that is was a product of over-compensating for his rehabbing foot, while others claimed that it was just a freak accident.

Nevertheless, Jones ended up on season-ending Injured Reserve without amassing a single stat in 2014. Severe foot and ankle injuries are always scary for a young receiver and many fans are worried about his ability to come back and be as effective in 2015. Jones recently posted a video on his Instagram account showing his ability to do a number of strenuous workouts.

This one specifically shows Jones with a resistance band around his waist, doing sprints and cuts on receiving routes. Did I mention that it was in the sand on a Southern California beach? That's a heck of a workout.