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NFL Free Agency: Pass rushers, running backs among top players still on market

Some quality defensive lineman, pass-rushers and running backs are still waiting to be signed as NFL free agency continues.

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The start of NFL Free agency 2015 has been one of the wilder starts we've ever seen.

As soon as the 4 p.m. start of the new year came, there was an immediate burst of big signings and bigger trades, but there's still plenty of talent still on the market.In fact, everyone's No. 1 free-agent running back is still up for grabs as DeMarco Murray waits to be signed.

Some quality defensive lineman in Greg Hardy, Terrance Knighton and Nick Fairley are also free to be signed. If you're in need of a pass-rusher, Derrick Morgan, Brian Orakpo and Jabaal Sheard are still waiting for new deals. If you're in need of a quarterback,'re SOL.

Here's a look at some of Pro Football Focus' top remaining free agents:

  • DeMarco Murray, Running Back: The touches he got last year worry you, but he's the kind of back you could build an offense around. He'll make you miss, run you over and above all, punish any holes you leave open for him.
  • Greg Hardy, Edge Defender: Would be higher but for his much documented off-the-field issues that will likely see a league mandated suspension. Still, his upside is so high (No. 2 in our 2013 defensive end rankings) that someone will pay him in the short term.
  • Terrance Knighton, Defensive Interior: The anchor in the Denver defense, Knighton proved the naysayers wrong with his two years at Mile High showing some stellar run defense. Streaky pass rusher, but offers you more than you might expect in his role.
  • Nick Fairley, Defensive Interior: Might crack the top three on talent alone, but until he answers the questions about consistently delivering on that, remains something of a gamble. Tremendous upside.
  • Derrick Morgan, Edge Defender: Not the best run defender in the league and wouldn't seem the most natural 3-4 outside linebacker, but his talent shone through rushing the passer where he has three years on the back of a grade above +10.0.
  • Tramon Williams, Cornerback: Six years as a starter and six years worth of positives grades in coverage. Never kicked on after his sublime 2010 to be a truly elite corner, but is one of the most dependable in the league.
  • Brian Orakpo, Edge Defender: Would be higher but at this stage the sheer volume of injuries and the nature of them mean if you pick him up you're likely doing so knowing that a full 16 games out of him is unlikely.
  • Stefen Wisniewski, Center: Consistently impressive run blocker who struggled in pass protection in 2014. Wisniewski has previously shown to be better than that and is the kind of center you can hand a long-term deal to and be comfortable you're set there.
  • Chris Culliver, Cornerback: After missing all of 2013 on Injured Reserve came back with a bang and really proved he can be a starter in the league.
  • Rolando McClain, Linebacker: Question marks about McClain are largely of an off-the-field variety, though it's important we don't let one excellent year in Dallas rob us of our memories of his time in Oakland. Still in "prove-it" mode and likely to have to settle for incentive-laden deals.
  • Henry Melton, Defensive Interior: Didn't do enough to convince Dallas he was worth the long-term deal that he craves, but did enough to convince us that he's still a terror rushing the passer from the inside.
  • Rahim Moore, Safety: Another good year for Moore who is the kind of deep safety you feel comfortable with, even if he isn't a dynamic playmaker like an Earl Thomas.
  • Brandon Spikes, Linebacker: Born in the wrong era, this two-down terror is as good as it gets disrupting the run game. Limited value, though, because he's not a guy you're likely to leave on the field on passing downs.
  • Percy Harvin, Wide Receiver: If this were purely on talent Harvin would be top three. But he has character concerns, durability issues and has never featured more than 600 snaps in a season. Question marks galore.
  • Chris Myers, Center: For a team operating a zone block heavy scheme he's an ideal fit and exceptionally good in the run game. Declining in pass pro and lack of scheme versatility limit value.
  • Justin Forsett, Running Back: The elusive Forsett might be the wrong side of 30 but his limited usage means it's not unreasonable that a team heavily on a zone blocking system can't expect good returns from him for a couple of years.
  • Stevie Johnson, Wide Receiver: Going to San Fran hasn't done much to create a buzz for Johnson with opportunities for targets limited. But when the ball was thrown his way he did impress and is not that far removed from a 1,000 yard season in 2012.
  • Jordan Cameron, Tight End: Big injury red flag and streaky production. Top-end athleticism will entice a team who, if they can get the best out of him, will find one of those pesky mismatches.
  • C.J. Spiller, Running Back: Two terrible years make 2012 seem such a long time ago, but perhaps a healthier Spiller behind a better line will see this explosive talent reach his potential.
  • Brian De La Puente, Center: Wherever he has played has always done a good job. An extremely solid center that deserves a shot at being the starter.
  • Perrish Cox, Cornerback: Versatile corner who can play outside or in. He won't be your stud defensive back but if you have to start him you won't feel a big play is inevitable.
  • Dawan Landry, Safety: Landry's time in Jacksonville wasn't the success he was hoping for, but he rebuilt himself replacing his brother in New York. A stop gap at this stage of his career.
  • Brandon Browner, Cornerback: He's physical, nobody is denying that. But he is limited and is a yellow flag drawing machine.
  • C.J. Mosley, Defensive Interior: Every team needs a Mosley. Not an ideal starter but a quality backup who can fill in for a guy missing for any number of reasons.
  • Here's who is left from CBS Sports' top 60 free agents:


    11 DeMarco Murray (27) RB TBA TBA

    14 Greg Hardy (26) DL TBA TBA
    15 Nick Fairley (27) DT TBA TBA

    17 Brian Orakpo (28) OLB TBA TBA

    23 Terrance Knighton (28) DT TBA TBA

    27 Rahim Moore (25) S TBA TBA
    28 C.J. Spiller (27) RB TBA TBA
    29 Stefen Wisniewski (25) C TBA TBA

    32 Rolando McClain (25) LB TBA TBA

    35 Chris Culliver (26) CB TBA TBA
    36 Jordan Cameron (26) TE TBA TBA
    37 Joe Barksdale (26) OT TBA TBA

    44 Michael Crabtree (27) WR TBA TBA
    45 Ron Parker (27) S TBA TBA
    46 Derrick Morgan (26) OLB-DE TBA TBA

    50 George Johnson (27) DE TBA TBA
    51 B.J. Raji (28) DT TBA TBA

    54 Louis Delmas (27) S TBA TBA
    55 Darren McFadden (27) RB TBA TBA
    56 Brandon Spikes (27) ILB TBA TBA
    57 Justin Forsett (29) RB TBA TBA
    58 C.J. Mosley (31) DT TBA TBA
    59 Tramon Williams (31) CB TBA TBA