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Bengals social media reactions following first two days of free agency

The first two days of free agency have come and gone and there has been no shortage of opinions - positive, negative and straight up wacky - to binge on all day long.

Since the start of free agency on Tuesday, there's been a Twitter frenzy, with a constant flow of information from fans, the media and even the players. Andrew Whitworth was one of the more outspoken Bengals on social media in the last 48 hours. He spent Tuesday afternoon responding to comments and questions with answers like "nobody loves Cincy more than Me. Ask restaurant owners".

What follows are some of the stand-out social media posts regarding the Bengals from the first two days of Free Agency.

Before and moments after the 4:00 p.m. start of free agency on Tuesday:

This is a small sample size of the influx of Twitter action on Tuesday, which featured new information faster than you could read it. The Bengals didn't have any players trending as highly as Nick Foles, Jimmy Graham or Ndamukong Suh (and no one expected they would) but they still made an appearance in the opening hours of the new league year, which is what fans were hoping for.

There was also this awesomely timed tweet from the Bengals' Twitter account which needs a special shout out. Instead of having any free agency news, just minutes after 4:00 p.m., they instead Tweeted about an upcoming Luke Bryan concert at PBS. What followed was countless jokes made at the expense of the team.

A.J. Hawk signs with the Bengals

With the exception of few, the opinions on the Bengals signing A.J. Hawk were largely positive. And, the team remembered to set their alarms, unlike last year when they snoozed through the first week of free agency.

Jermaine Gresham visits the Raiders

It's been assumed that Jermaine Gresham will not be returning to Cincinnati in 2015 and those suspicions have yet to be proven wrong, or right for that matter.

Clint Boling resigns with the Bengals

After worry rang through Cincinnati with rumors that a variety of other teams were looking to out-bid the Bengals for Clint Boling, relief came on Tuesday evening when Geoff Hobson reported that the Bengals were close to resigning the LG.

Nick Fairley Visits Cincinnati

Nick Fairley visited Cincinnati on Wednesday, though he left without a contract, at least for now. We'll see how things progress, as his signing is likely dependent on how the Bengals' talks with Michael Johnson go (see below).

Buccaneers cut Michael Johnson

As anticipated, the Buccaneers cut Michael Johnson on Tuesday afternoon, leading many to believe that a reunion in Cincinnati is imminent.

And for a good laugh (note: from a fake account - in case you were one of the 520+ people to Retweet it):