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Raiders and Jermaine Gresham contract talks are 'dead for now'

Jermaine Gresham won't be joining the Raiders (for now, at least).

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders won't be signing Jermaine Gresham, at least not right now.

After a long courtship between the two sides, Gresham and the Raiders have broken off contract talks.

Gresham flew into Oakland on Tuesday to visit with the team on Wednesday. Various updates throughout the day said he remained in Oakland all day Wednesday, despite others signing contracts to become Raiders -- like linebacker Curtis Lofton and defensive tackle Dani Williams.

Gresham averaged 56 receptions and 544 yards receiving per season with 24 combined touchdowns in five seasons with Cincinnati. In 2014, Gresham was coached by his third offensive coordinator within a system that's been limited in passing game progressions.

Drops impacted his career early, but slightly improved over time. During his first three seasons, Gresham dropped 22 passes. Over the last two seasons (since 2013), Gresham dropped only four of 108 catchable passes, only one of which came in the 2014 season.

It's unclear which other teams might show interest in Gresham, though reports surfaced earlier in the week that the Browns were ready to pursue him.