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Who Dey Hotel available now for your tailgating pleasure

If you've always wanted your own Bengals-decorated truck to drive around town and to host tailgates outside of, you're in luck. The Who Dey Hotel is on the market.

Admit it, you've always wanted to be one of the cool folks at tailgates with their own Bengals-decorated car, bus or truck. Well, if you're going to admit it - you're in luck.

The "Whodey Hotel" is now being offered up on (one of our favorite shopping destinations) Craigslist, for the affordable price of $4,250.

The vehicle is described as having tinted windows, Bengals' curtains, a gas stove, refrigerator, sink, gas furnace, table, fold out couch and toilet. Imagine the possibilities when you don't need to use the Porta Potty!

The 1984 Chevy trans van may be on the older side, but with that much history, it has probably seen its fair share of Bengals wins and loses. Probably more loses than you need to remember.

Get this truck out of storage before it's gone! And if you buy it, let us know. The Cincy Jungle crew better be invited to your first tailgate of the year.