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Devon Still preparing to sign with the Bengals

With free agent defensive tackle Devon Still receiving fantastic news on Tuesday, the former second-round pick is ready to re-sign with the Bengals.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

There are days in our lives where one day is confused with the next, giving off the impression that every day is exactly the same (five points if you recognize those lyrics from Nine Inch Nails). Then there are those monumental moments that are remembered forever. Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still provided the most encouraging update yet on Tuesday night regarding his daughter Leah Still:

As he celebrates this news with the world, he ponders his future. The Cincinnati Bengals didn't place a tender on Still, who is a restricted free agent, but they did offer him a one-year deal. At the time, he was deciding what to do. Now things have changed. According to, he's preparing to sign with the Bengals:

The Bengals said last month they were open to re-signing Still, a free-agent, to a one-year deal and he said Tuesday night in light of the tests he’s preparing to sign and continue his career in Cincinnati.

"That was based on today’s tests," Still said. "Obviously if the news hadn’t been this good, I would have wanted to have spent more time with my daughter. But now that it looks like things are headed on the right path, I’m ready to go back and play football."

Still also said that they're waiting on the results from more tests that will come on Thursday and adds that the "next step is a stem cell transplant to rebuild Leah’s immunity system."

Yep. These are the days that they're going to remember.