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NFL rule changes to be discussed next week

23 rule change proposals, 4 bylaws and 1 resolution will be presented by the Competition Committee at the NFL owners meeting next week.

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Making penalties reviewable, pushing PATs to the 15-yard line, and a new scoring system are among the 18 rule changes proposed by NFL teams for discussion at the NFL Annual Meeting which begins in Phoenix on Sunday.

The Competition Committee, on which Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis sits, will also present five of their own rule changes, four bylaws and one resolution to the NFL owners at next week's meeting.

Of the 23 rule change proposals, 13 relate to challenges and replay reviews. One such proposal from the Detroit Lions would permit the instant replay system to correct an officiating error, including for controversial calls like pass interference.

An interesting, yet likely to be voted down proposal from the Indianapolis Colts allows teams who successfully convert a 2-point conversion to try to add another point to their score with a 50-yard "bonus field goal". If done successfully, the possession would result in nine points.

The Patriots made a few proposals, one of which is placing fixed cameras on all boundary lines to provide better footage for reviewed plays. Another of New England's proposals includes pushing back PATs to the 15-yard line, with two-point tries remaining at the 2-yard line.

Additionally, the owners are expected to discuss games played in London, expanding the playoffs and the "catch-or-no-catch" rule, for which no proposals have been made.