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Browns Sign Wide Receiver Dwayne Bowe To 2-Year Deal

The Cleveland Browns are adding a veteran wide receiver to their team to add to an overhaul at the position.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Since their re-inception into the NFL back in 1999, the Cleveland Browns have been searching for both a quarterback and big-time wide receiver to hang their hats on. They've had their share of flash-in-the-pan guys at each position, but long-term solutions just haven't been found. Braylon Edwards had one outstanding season before leaving elsewhere and currently Josh Gordon can't stay out of trouble to string together big statistical seasons consistently.

The most recent overhaul at the position began last year when the Browns stole Andrew Hawkins away from the Bengals, and it has continued into 2015 because of Gordon's continued issues. After signing Brian Hartline earlier this offseason, the Browns are signing veteran Dwayne Bowe to a two-year deal. Like Hartline, Bowe was cut loose from his previous employer and looked to latch on elsewhere.

Bowe is entering his ninth season and though has been productive, he;s a shell of his former self from 2007-2011, when he had three 1,000-yard seasons. Last year, he was part of a Chiefs receiving group that didn't have a touchdown reception between the group. He finished with 60 catches and 754 receiving yards in 2014.

The Browns also signed quarterback Josh McCown earlier this offseason, while giving off the sense that the starting spot will be up for grabs. Brian Hoyer signed in Houston and Johnny Manziel has been in a rehabilitation facility this offseason, so the opening bet is that McCown will be throwing to Hawkins, Hartline and Bowe in 2015.