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Bengals interested in Cedric Peerman, Taylor Mays for around league minimum

The Cincinnati Bengals wouldn't mind re-signing running back Cedric Peerman and safety Taylor Mays, but "not for much more than minimum". Mays is on a tour around the NFL and Peerman remains quiet.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals are interested in re-signing running back Cedric Peerman and safety Taylor Mays, but near the league minimum. beat writer Geoff Hobson writes:

The Bengals would like to re-sign a niche player like safety/linebacker Taylor Mays and special teams co-captain Cedric Peerman, but not for much more than minimum. Mays is on the Michael Johnson Tour in Minnesota with head coach Mike Zimmer Wednesday and Thursday and he could also be in line for a visit to Washington, according to published reports.

Oh, the life of a special teams player.

Peerman led the Bengals with 15 special teams tackles in 2014 and ranked fourth in 2013. Mays ranked fourth in special teams tackles in 2014 and added a blocked punt that led to a safety against Jacksonville.

Mays reportedly had dinner with the Vikings front office on Wednesday night and was scheduled to stick around in Minnesota on Thursday -- however the team announced the conclusion of his visit (presumably without a contract in tow). Washington has expressed enough interest that a possible visit will be scheduled. According to our insane Google-fu abilities, interest in Cedric Peerman has been relatively quiet (at least publicly).

If the Bengals sign either to a minimum salary, here are a few notes (per the CBA):

1) The contract can only be for one year
2) The player is paid the mandated minimum for a player with his service time
3) The contract contains no terms affecting compensation to exceed $50,000 (covers signing bonus, workout bonus, roster bonus, or other incentives
4) The salary cannot be guaranteed for more than the equivalent of a second year player base (so that portion of the total veteran minimum salary he is due)

According to the CBA (via Spotrac), minimum salaries are based on years of experience. Taylor Mays and Cedric Peerman, both entering their sixth accrued season, would receive $745,000 in 2015.

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