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Bengals' Biggest NFL Draft Needs on Offense After Free Agency

NFL free agency helped the Bengals strengthen what could have been several gaping holes heading into the NFL draft.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals are in much better shape in terms of draft needs following the first two weeks of free agency.

While there are still players left on the market that could affect Cincinnati's biggest needs, it's unlikely they'll be signed with the Bengals having $20 millions in cap space, $10 million of which is expected to be rolled over to next season to help re-sign the many many free agents the Bengals will have in 2016.

That means Cincinnati really has $10 million left, and after they sign their draft picks and fill out the rest of the 90-man roster, that money will quickly evaporate. In other words, the Bengals' biggest draft needs at this moment will likely remain the same when April 28 is here and they're on the clock.

For now, here are the Bengals' four biggest needs on offense:

Backup Quarterback

This wasn't a need going into free agency as Jason Campbell or another veteran were expected to be signed. However, it now appears the Bengals may stick with AJ McCarron as their No. 2 and draft another developmental guy in the latter rounds.

This isn't a deep QB class, and the best Cincinnati may be able to find on Day 3 may be only good enough to make the practice squad next year. Still, the Bengals need to have at least three quarterbacks on the team, even if one of them isn't actually on the 53-man roster.

Blocking Tight End

With Jermaine Gresham gone, so too is the Bengals' best blocking tight end. Having that was critical to the success of Hue Jackson's sixth-ranked rushing offense, and Tyler Eifert just isn't physical or durable enough to assume that role.

There are several tight end prospects in this draft known more for their blocking ability than their pass-catching skills. Alabama's Brian Vogler and Rutgers' Brian Vogler have been mentioned on here, and this should be an easy position to address on Day 3 or through undrafted free agency.

Wide Receiver

The Bengals have to add another wideout who can stretch the field and open up more routes underneath for A.J. Green, Mohamed Sanu and Marvin Jones. They could also use an upgrade at slot receiver, though Sanu hasn't gotten to play there as much with injuries to Jones and Green keeping him out wide, where he's not as effective.

There's also the possibility Jones and/or Sanu are playing their final year in Cincinnati with both of their rookie deals up next year. Sanu could probably re-sign for not much, but Jones could be offered big money from another team if he replicates his 10-touchdown 2013 season.

Offensive Line

The Bengals don't actually need an offensive lineman to start this year with the entire starting five expected back. Once Clint Boling was re-signed, this position suddenly wasn't as big of a need as it previously was.

Still, with Andrew Whitworth, Andre Smith and possibly Kevin Zeitler hitting free agency next year, the Bengals need to have a guy waiting in the wings to replace one of them.

There's also the question of depth. If either Smith or Whitworth goes down, Eric Winston is the only true backup tackle. That's pretty scary. Guard offers a little more deep with Trey Hopkins, TJ Johnson and Tanner Hawkinson, though none of the three have played relevant snaps in the regular season.