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Bengals may not extend Marvin Lewis' contract before 2015 season begins

Could Marvin Lewis' final year with the Bengals be in 2015?

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals are in the midst of one of arguably the greatest six-year runs the franchise has ever had.

Unfortunately, Cincinnati's five trips to the playoffs over that span resulted in 0 postseason wins. That may finally have Mike Brown willing to accept change at the head-coaching position.

Or, Brown just feels confident enough that he and Marvin Lewis can reach an agreement on a new deal after the season, based on what he told Geoff Hobson Sunday:

"I think Marvin has done a fine job with us," Brown said. "He’s been with us for a long time now. We have a good relationship. I hope that relationship goes forward into the future. But we aren't at the future yet. We don’t have to make this decision until after this year. He doesn’t have to make this decision until next year. Right now he’s under contract and he’s fulfilling it as we would expect and he knows he should. "

The Bengals have typically extended Lewis' contract to prevent him from coaching regular-season games in the final year of his deal. However, Brown may finally want Marvin to actually win a playoff game before he gives him another extension.

"We know full well we haven’t won a playoff game," Brown said of the 0-6 record since 2005. "People seem to think we are unaware of it. We aren’t. We want to get to the playoffs again and that’s very difficult. We are going to strive to do that. That’s where our focus is going to be. If we get another crack at it everyone in this organization wants to win when we do that."

One thing is clear, Brown at least wants you to believe he's sick and tired of being one and done in the playoffs. If the Bengals open the 2015 season with Lewis on the final year of his deal, it certainly will add more pressure on Cincinnati to win, or else.