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Mocking the Draft: Bengals select Texas DT Malcom Brown

SB Nation's Mocking the Draft updates their weekly mock draft by moving into the trenches, giving Cincinnati Texas defensive tackle Malcom Brown. Should we stop thinking about a pass rusher now?

Chris Covatta/Getty Images

There's a growing sentiment in national circles that Cincinnati will upgrade the trenches on either side of the line of scrimmage though the NFL draft. Would it be shocking for Cincinnati to draft a defensive lineman and an offensive lineman in the first 2-3 rounds?

Mocking the draft has the Bengals selecting Texas defensive tackle Malcom Brown:

Defensive tackles who weigh 320 pounds shouldn't be able to move around as well as Brown does. The junior moves around fluidly, which allows him to get into a gap, disengage from a blocker and be disrupt in the backfield. His combination of quickness and power allowed Texas to use him inside and outside. Brown was even stood up at times. Typically plays with a high motor. Too often tries to rely on his quickness instead of strength to beat blockers. Also needs to learn to stay low out of his stance and not give up leverage.

Mocking the Draft has been all over with their Bengals selection... that's not a criticism, rather a common perspective when attempting to identify the team's needs. Last week it was Missouri defensive end Shane Rey, then Washington linebacker Shaq Thompson the week before that.

No more pass rusher?

Interestingly enough, people believe that any need for a rusher expressively concluded when the team signed Michael Johnson. Save for a tremendous 11-sack season in 2012, Johnson has never been noted as a particularly great pass rusher. He absolutely generates a rush, but his primary contribution has always been against the run while providing enough pressure to allow his Fisher Price teammates, like Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap, better opportunities to rush the passer. Johnson is really good at everything but not particularly great. This isn't a criticism, but when he left after the 2013 season, it's not like a farewell sent him on his way to Tampa Bay.