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Jermaine Gresham still option for Bengals, per Marvin Lewis

The Bengals are saying Jermaine Gresham remains an option to return for the 2015 season.

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The Cincinnati Bengals still need a No. 2 tight end to pair with Tyler Eifert.

Does that mean Jermaine Gresham could still be re-signed?

It's still an option, at least that's what Marvin Lewis said at the AFC Coaches Breakfast this morning, part of the NFL Owners Meetings. Lewis said he talked with Gresham on Monday, and the veteran tight end remains an option for the Bengals.

"Jermaine could be an option," Lewis said. "He's a man of many, many, many, many, many, many, many moods. "But one he's consistent with is 'I'm loyal to you, coach.' We'll see what happens."

"I had a premonition that this would occur with Jermaine because Jermaine is a homebody and they all watched what happened with Michael."

After undergoing back surgery last week, Gresham is still a free agent waiting to be signed, so re-signing with Cincinnati may be the best option for him.

Prior to Lewis' comments, the Bengals had not shown any public interest in re-signing Gresham since free agency began, leading many to conclude that the team is done with the former first round pick. Perhaps, circumstances have changed enough since then, like the fact Cincinnati could probably get Gresham back on a one-year deal for around $2 million.

Before free agency began, Gresham told SiriusXM Radio that his "heart is in Cincinnati. I want to stay there, but it's up to them." Offensive coordinator Hue Jackson even said that there's a place for him here in Cincinnati.

We're probably weeks, if not months away from seeing a resolution for Gresham. There now appears to be a significant chance he re-signs with the Bengals, but once his back his healed, it's also possible a TE-needy team like the Browns show interest in him.