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NFL approves new injury timeout and minor replay reviews

Julian Edelman returning in the Super Bowl after suffering what appeared to be a concussion wouldn't happen if this new rule had been in place for 2014.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has voted unanimously to approve a proposal that will enhance the in-game injury timeout.

32 teams unanimously approved the new rule allowing injury spotters upstairs to communicate directly with the on-field officials, and stop the clock if a player appears to be shaken up to the point where a further check-out is needed.

An independent trainer will also be on hand with the power to call a time out if a player appears to be disoriented or otherwise unstable on the field.

Neither team will be charged with a time out in these situations. The team with the impacted player would only be allowed to replace the player in question and the defense will be allowed to make a corresponding substitution.

The proposal came this offseason after much controversy was caused by Patriots receiver Julian Edelman taking a hard shot from Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor during the Super Bowl. Edelman appeared dazed after the play, but stayed in the game.

The league has also approved a new rule that will allow game officials to go to replay for clock issues at the end of a half, game or overtime if more than one second is on the clock. It a was a minor enhancement to prevent time issues from having an impact on games.