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Bengals Bites (3/29) - Defensive Emphasis

Marvin Lewis blames the playoff losses on the defense and wants to get much better on that side of the football. What can the Bengals expect with their extra draft picks?

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Cincinnati Bengals' defensive emphasis this offseason is clear - ESPN
While many outside of Paul Brown Stadium spent the early days of the offseason lamenting Andy Dalton's inconsistencies and placing the Cincinnati Bengals' struggles primarily at his feet, his coach, Marvin Lewis, looked elsewhere to identify issues.

Hobson's Choice: extra picks spice the dice
Hey Geoff, I've been reading your Q'n'A for quite a while and my question is that do you think the Bengals would really use their extra draft picks effectively. I know players like Geno Adkins was in the 3rd or 4th pick. Drew Zimmerer, Middletown, OH ZIM: Thanks for reading, Drew. Yes, not only was Atkins a fourth-round pick, but other Pro Bowlers like punter Kevin Huber was a fifth-rounder and linebacker Vontaze Burfict was undrafted.  And with the last two picks in the fifth round of 2012, they got starters in wide receiver Marvin Jones and safety George Iloka. They’ve made some hay with that late third-round pick, too. Defensive tackle Brandon Thompson (No. 93 in 2012) and wide receiver Andre Caldwell (No. 97 in 2008) have and/or were been productive guys. So you have to figure they’ll get somebody out of the two extra picks, No. 99 in the third and No. 135 in the fourth.

Updating the Cincinnati Bengals' free-agency scorecard - ESPN
Now that Terence Newman and Taylor Mays have signed with the Minnesota Vikings, the Cincinnati Bengals have lost three players to free agency this year. Since it's been a while, let's take a quick look at where things stand with the Bengals at this stage in free agency. It's also worthwhile to check out ESPN's Free Agent Tracker in order to see what the Bengals and other teams have done throughout this busy month.

Player Style Files: Cincinnati Bengal Devon Still’s Story Much More Than Football « CBS Miami
Devon Still’s story might be more unique than any other player in the National Football League. Drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft, Still obtained similar fortunes like the rest of the league’s players.

Cincinnati Bengals: Impossible Spot With Andy Dalton
The resume is solid: 27-years old, hasn’t missed a game, two Pro Bowl nods, one season over 4,000 yards, and a career 99-66 TD to INT ratio. For most NFL organizations, that’s a guy you’d be thrilled to call your franchise quarterback.

Winston first, Williams second, and then the draft is wide open | ProFootballTalk
Everyone thinks the Buccaneers will take Jameis Winston with the first overall pick in the draft. Most people think the Titans will take Leonard Williams with the second pick. And after that? No one knows. Taking a look at a total of 10 mock drafts at Rotoworld, NFL.