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Bengals Bites (3/3) - Pulling A Rugby Star

The 49ers sign a futures contract on a Rugby league super star. If the Bengals signed Jacoby Jones, would Brandon Tate be gone?

Matt King/Getty Images

Rugby League Superstar Jarryd Hayne Signs Futures Contract With 49ers
Former Rugby League superstar Jarryd Hayne—who quit in October to pursue his dream of playing in the NFL—just announced at a press conference that he has signed a futures contract with the San Francisco 49ers. This means that Hayne won't count against the 49ers 53-man roster limit for next season. Hayne said that his contract was worth $100,000—his rugby contract in Australia was worth about a million dollars—and that the 49ers see him as a running back and kick returner.

If Cincinnati Bengals get Jacoby Jones, will Brandon Tate fit? - ESPN
Let's stress this at the very beginning: it's only a visit. Free-agent visits don't always lead to a signing. Still, the fact that, according to reports, former Ravens receiver Jacoby Jones was meeting Monday with the Cincinnati Bengals ahead of a stop in Tennessee is something that can't easily be dismissed. Especially considering the Bengals just released one wide out, have another two set to hit free agency next week, and are expected to make multiple moves at the position later this offseason.

Cincinnati Bengals' Blueprint for Winning Free Agency | Bleacher Report

he Cincinnati Bengals have made an appearance in the playoffs in each of the past four seasons. However, the team has also failed to win a single playoff game in that span. Clearly, the Bengals have a proverbial hump to overcome.

A quick update to the Cincinnati Bengals' salary-cap space - ESPN

Last week, with the help of ESPN Stats & Information, we looked at the previous projection for the Cincinnati Bengals' salary-cap space based on their top-51 contract commitments and money they rolled over from last season. At that time, it was expected the Bengals would have about $36.5 million in cap space when the new league year opened next week.

Brian Hartline to visit Browns on Tuesday | ProFootballTalk

Last week, Browns safety Donte Whitner banged the drum for the return of wide receiver Ted Ginn to the state he called home through the end of his college career at Ohio State.

Texans star Andre Johnson asks to be traded or cut - Ultimate Texans

Receiver Andre Johnson’s exit from the Texans after 12 seasons that established him as a candidate for the Pro Football Hall of Fame could lead him to his first Super Bowl. The Texans gave Johnson’s agent, Kennard McGuire, permission to seek a trade for one of the greatest receivers in history. If a trade can’t be worked out, Johnson will be placed on waivers, making him an unrestricted free agent.

What’s a top running back worth in today’s NFL? Murray will find out | ProFootballTalk

The NFL's reigning Offensive Player of the Year is 27 years old, in his prime, and about to hit unrestricted free agency. If any running back can make a fortune in today's NFL, it's DeMarco Murray. But Murray may discover that no running back can make a fortune in today's NFL.

Will Jurors Hear About The Other Friend Aaron Hernandez Allegedly Shot?
With no smoking gun, circumstantial evidence is playing a large role in the state's case against Aaron Hernandez for the murder of Odin Lloyd. And what better way to convince jurors that Hernandez is capable of shooting his friend than by introducing evidence that he shot a different friend just four months earlier?