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NFL coaches and the cars they drive

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation did a funny piece on the types of cars all 32 NFL coaches drive, based on what kind of coach they are.

Unfortunately for the Bengals, they hit the nail on the head with Marvin Lewis.

Bengals, Marvin Lewis -- Drives a Honda Civic, the car that will last you 15 years even though you're never proud of it.

To be fair, Bengals fans were proud of Lewis after the work he did in his first three years, but it's just gone downhill since. And despite constant cries for his job, Lewis just keeps on chugging.

That means you could go with a Mazda, since you'd never have thought Lewis would have lasted this long in Cincinnati.

Texans, Bill O'Brien -- A rusted-out Mazda you swore was impossible to fix but he somehow coaxed another 18,000 miles out of.

As for the best one in the article, that probably goes to John Harbaugh and the Ravens:

Ravens, John Harbaugh -- Baltimore denies that Harbaugh owns a car or that they've ever seen it.