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Mike Brown on changing NFL extra point

The NFL extra point should have at least a minor tweak to it before the 2015 season opens.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest topics of discussion at the NFL Owners Meeting was what to do about the extra point.

Though no vote was passed to change the game's most boring play, it likely will be altered in some way during the May league meetings. How it will be changed remains to be seen, but Bengals owner Mike Brown offered up his thoughts on the PAT during this past week's meetings.

Brown acknowledges both sides as to keeping the PAT the same, or why it should be abolished altogether.

"You could narrow the goal posts. I would be in favor of that. The kickers have gotten too good," Brown said via "Now they make too high a percentage of their kicks, certainly extra points. I wouldn't even be opposed to abandoning the kick for a point. Make everybody go for two — which would then be one in my mind. You have to get it in with a scrimmage play.

"On the other side of the argument I do think the extra point has a strange value. What I call a celebratory moment which gives people, fans, a chance to feel good a little longer. I like that aspect of it. It has the tradition that is what we have known forever. Quite honestly when it gets to be 99.8 percent for sure or whatever it is, it’s very high, why bother? "