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Chiefs host Bengals free agent Brandon Tate

Brandon Tate is now gaining some interest, though it's probably for the same role that he's served in Cincinnati.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Tate may end up returning to Cincinnati, but he's at least getting looks from other teams.

The Kansas City Chiefs hosted Tate for a visit on Monday, according to NFL Media's Ian Rapoport. This is the first known interest in Tate by any team since becoming a free agent this offseason. The Bengals are reportedly interested in bringing Tate back, but it looks like they may have some competition for his services if that's the case.

Tate has handled the majority of kick-off and punt-return duties since joining Cincinnati in 2011. Adam Jones has gotten the occasional run with his role expanding more this past year, but Tate has 127 kick-off returns since 2011 vs. Jones' total of 30 during that span.

Though Tate caught just 19 passes for 193 yards this year, he did so making just $1 million this past season. For a guy who averaged 9.7 yards per punt return, that's a solid deal.

Still, if the Bengals think they can find a receiver in the draft who's actually capable of being a better pass-catcher behind Mohamed Sanu, A.J. Green, Marvin Jones, and James Wright, maybe the Bengals should let Tate go.