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NFL may add more cameras to expand replay system

More cameras in the right spots would certainly make it easier for referees to make the right call upon further review.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

In addition to altering the extra point, the NFL could be expanding the replay system.

They could do so by adding more cameras to stadiums in hopes of having more angles of replays, which could lead to more conclusive rulings being made. The NFL Network's Albert Breer reported that the league would commence research and development on Monday. Breer also reports the NFL is looking for "the right technology and then how to best integrate the cameras into the replay system that will work in all 31 stadiums."

Part of the reason why this is being done was due to a tirade that Patriots head coach Bill Belichick reportedly threw during the NFL owners meetings, per ESPN. The main thing Belichick wants is a fixed camera on the goal line and on all boundary lines for replay.

Belichick strongly voiced his displeasure at last week's owners' meetings that the league didn't want to spend the money to put four cameras in the end zone to give referees better angles on replay reviews, a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

The source -- who was in the meeting with NFL head of officials Dean Blandino, among others -- said Belichick expressed concern that the league is willing to spend top dollar to send the Pro Bowl to Brazil and play regular-season games in London every season but doesn't appear willing to spend the money to pay for the extra cameras it would take to cover all end zone angles to assist instant replay.

Like him or hate him, Belichick makes a good point that the NFL isn't putting enough money into protecting the integrity of the game by having enough cameras to allow more definitive rulings to be made. I'm sure players would also be more interested in seeing the correct calls made during games than play in the Pro Bowl in Brazil.