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NFL Free Agency Pass Rusher Profile: Jason Worilds

Worilds has been a solid pass rusher for the past five years with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Worilds isn't a perfect fit for Cincinnati, but he would help solve the pass rush problem.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Up next on the list of middle-tier free agent pass rushers is former Steeler Jason Worilds. While he isn't a super-talented pass rusher like Brandon Graham, from yesterday's pass rusher profile, he is still a very solid player.

Height/weight: 6'2, 262 pounds

Previous position: 3-4 left outside linebacker (Pittsburgh Steelers)

2014 Pass rush numbers: 8 sacks, 15 hurries, 27 pressures from 421 pass rush snaps (93% left side)

Jason Worilds and James Harrison were the Steelers' two outside linebackers in their 3-4 defense. They both played ahead of the talented 17th overall pick, Jarvis Jones, from two years ago.

Worilds doesn't have the elite pass rushing efficiency that Brandon Graham has shown over the past few years. While Graham has routinely finished at the top of his position, Worilds finished the 2014 season ranked 24th out of 47 qualifying players. His 2013 production was much more efficient. His stat line was 7 sacks, 21 hurries, and 20 hits on fewer pass rushing attempts, placing him 11th out of 41 qualifying 3-4 outside linebackers.

This type of inconsistent production is nothing to scoff at, but the Bengals might be better served looking elsewhere for their pass rush fix. Worilds is reportedly looking for about $8 million per year on a long-term deal, more than the amount of money that Brandon Graham wants. What makes it even worse is that Worilds is a much better pass rusher from the left side than the right side.

The Bengals already have their franchise left end in Carlos Dunlap. Margus Hunt usually rushes from the left side as well. The team needs someone who can rotate with Wallace Gilberry from the right end spot and get to the quarterback. Worilds can get to the passer, but he's looking for a lot of money and there appears to be a strong market for him. The Philadelphia Eagles are expected to strongly pursue Worilds as soon as free agency begins.

That's not the type of bidding war in which the Cincinnati Bengals are looking to engage. Given all of these things, it's extremely unlikely that Worilds ends up in Cincinnati next year.

We'll skip the tape breakdown for Jason Worilds, since he's likely headed elsewhere, but here's a bonus play anyways. Late in this year's AFC North Champion battle of Week 17, the Bengals were trying to mount a comeback. It was 3rd & 10 with the Bengals down by 10, with 2 minutes left in the game. Backup right tackle Eric Winston tripped over Ryan Hewitt, and gave Worilds (#93) a free run at the scrambling Andy Dalton. With Andre Smith now healthy, a tackle likely on the way in this year's draft, and a possible Anthony Collins reunion as well, hopefully Bengals fans won't be forced to watch such atrocities at the right tackle spot any longer.

This meaningless game proved extremely costly for both teams, who lost their best offensive player (A.J. Green was concussed and Le'Veon Bell suffered a knee injury) for the more important playoff match-up the following week. The Steelers, as 2014 AFC North Champions, earned the right to play the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots in 2015. Meanwhile, the Bengals get to play the Buffalo Bills and Houston Texans, both with major questions at the quarterback spot. Congrats on earning a harder schedule, Pittsburgh.