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QUICK SNAP: Who is Rob Housler?

The Cincinnati Bengals will host free agent tight end Rob Housler this Thursday. We're wondering... who is Housler?

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

As the CJ team has previously written, the Cincinnati Bengals will host tight end Rob Housler this Thursday. Jason noted that of the 17 times that Housler was targeted, he only posted nine receptions for 129 yards receiving -- the fifth-year tight end spent his first four seasons in Arizona, who drafted him in the third-round of the 2011 NFL draft.

My question... who the hell is this guy?

Housler's best seasons came in 2012 (45 receptions, 417 yards receiving) and 2013 (39 receptions, 454 yards receiving and a touchdown). He has one career touchdown, 105 receptions and 1,133 yards receiving. Expressing interest in Housler as a replacement for Jermaine Gresham might be a bit much -- since Gersham could easily post those numbers in 25 (or so) games.

Blocker? Let's head to Pro Football Focus:

2011 183 137 -2.5 2 0.2 0.0 44 +2.5
2012 630 400 -9.8 26 0.7 +2.5 204 -9.5
2013 531 311 -7.4 23 -2.2 0.0 197 -0.6
2014 388 122 -8.1 27 -1.4 -0.5 188 -6.2
1,732 970 -27.8 78 -2.7 +2.0 633 -13.8

According to Aaron Wilson with the Baltimore Sun, the Ravens, who lost Owen Daniels to the Denver Broncos, offered Housler a deal but he's obviously keeping his options open. The Cleveland Browns have also expressed interest in Housler, going so far as to say that "discussions" have taken place.

"Rob Housler, our whipping boy each of the previous three seasons, settled in nicely into a lesser role," writes Jess Root with Revenge of the Birds. "His blocking was consistently solid and he seemed to make one big play a game."

Impression: shoulder shrug